The 5 Tips I used to help master Pinterest and grow my business

June 18, 2024

Pinterest’s popularity is at an all-time high. If you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is actually a search engine, not a social media platform. Many people use Pinterest to search for wedding inspiration, fashion ideas, seasonal aesthetics, and more. Keeping up with trends can be challenging, but businesses also use Pinterest for branding photoshoot inspiration, office decor ideas, or DIY gift ideas for employees.

You’ve probably come across Pinterest Pins without even realizing it. For example, if a photographer shares a photo and links their website, anyone who clicks on that photo through Google is directed to the photographer’s website. This creates an effective funnel.


This brings me to my first tip: when you post on Pinterest, use keywords to attract the right audience to your website. Continuing with the photography example, make sure to include terms like “Orange County engagement & wedding photographer” in your Pinterest bio and in the descriptions of your pins. Now when someone searches for a photographer in your area, your photos on Pinterest will likely appear. This is called SEO, or search engine optimization.


SEO is a really hot topic right now. It can be really helpful when used correctly but catastrophic when used incorrectly. In a perfect world, you will have key words on all social media platforms. I have personally optimized my Website, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. In the early stages of my business you couldn’t even find my website online. Once my Pinterest started bringing in viewers, my click through rate improved! Now my website is recommended to anyone searching for those keywords. Which will take us right into tip #3, consistency!


Pinterest can feel discouraging at the beginning. You can find A LOT of ideas using Canva. Make sure to make them your own deigns. I found that when I discovered my design style, I could just rinse and repeat. After a few months of this, I realized how time consuming it can be, I nearly quit after earning 20K monthly views. Shortly after taking a quick break, I discovered this lovely program called Tailwind. This is how you can automate your Pinterest & Instagram. This tool is absolute magic when used the right way.


Not only can you automate Pinterest, but pretty much every other platform but TikTok, which I’m sure is coming soon. Now instead of creating my pins individually everyday, I create content for social media, which will automatically populate to Pinterest and Tailwind will add those pins to my other Pinterest boards. I don’t need to create pins if I don’t want to. I usually create reel covers for Instagram that can double as Pins, so I will post those from time to time. Tailwind is free if you only want to do 5 posts a month or 12 if you want to do 100. I tried to free version first before upgrading. It also has a social media and content planning calendar giving you FREE suggestions for posting. They base it on your marketing questionnaire that you fill out for them! So, it is completely tailored to you!


Lastly, link every single one of your pins on Pinterest. You can link them to different pages of your website, instagram, facebook, anything you want. Make sure those links are active and not broken links. Pinterest likes to see that you are pinning several different links, and pinning to several different boards. They have special rules about affiliate links not being allowed on their platform but that shouldn’t interfere with anything you are needing to accomplish as a business owner.


The 5 tips I used above to help master Pinterest brought me from 0-20k viewers in 2 months. My instagram only has 150 followers, so all of my inquires and website traffic are coming from Pinterest. I had so many failures when I first started. I made notes of all of everything, what worked vs what didn’t. When my Pinterest finally started seeing success even before using Tailwind, I wrote an ebook for you all. It’s a step by step of setting up your business Pinterest account and what I personally did to grow from 0-20K. If you are already at 20k, then I would recommend adding tailwind to your arsenal instead of downloading my ebook. But if you are still learning, connect with me on Instagram with any and all questions. I am always available in the DM’s! Visit the link below to download the my Pinterest Ebook!