I am a retired professional volleyball player, originally from Michigan. Volleyball has been a light in my life for years, I've played on 4 different continents and have lived in too many countries to count. 

I always wondered what life after volleyball would look like. I used art as a hobby while I was overseas. I enjoy painting, drawing, pottery, photography just to name a few. But it wasn't until I created my web design business did I find my volleyball 2.0, another passion I could call my own. 

- a professional volleyball player turned web designer

"the only way to do great work, is to love what you do."

-Steve Jobs

Welcome, I'm Holly

I have a love for learning and creating new things. Building websites it my perfect combination of the two. Designing for clients while putting my own twist on their brand will always challenge me in the best way. Stalk my website to see more of what I can do for you.

Innovative Design

I am all about cutting-edge creativity. My goal is to bring fresh and elegant web designs that go beyond your expectations.

Your Vision, My Priority

Clients come first. I am dedicated to creating top-notch, personalized web site that perfectly align with your vision and business goals.


Trust is key. I believe in straightforward communication. I want you to feel comfortable and free to create ideas with me. At the end if the day it's your website, I want you to love it too!

Fun Fact:

The HK slogan "Design your Best Inspiration" is based on a song my fiancé and I love so much that we had our wedding rings engraved with the song title.

"It's so nice to request a change and have it done immediately, instead of waiting 9 months!"

Garvey Wholesale

"The website is AMAZING, it's honestly sooooooo good! Once we wrap up with this one let's talk about the other two companies."

San Gabriel Beverage Group

"You did an amazing job, I'm so happy with it and proud to show it off."

Nick's S.F.W.