The 3 Best Books To Help Small Businesses Find Success

April 19, 2024

I have read a lot of books about business, sales, real-estate, and so much more. These recommendations are for the average business. If you are in real-estate I have a whole separate list just for you, today let’s just keep it basic.

Book #1: The Personal MBA

This book is great for people without a business degree or someone needing a refresh. It dives into marketing, sales, finances and so much more. I own a web design company, so I am a very creative and artistic person, the business side of what I do is definitely the hardest part. This book helped me get more organized and make things happen for myself. I treat this book more like a reference now. I look back at it to be reminded, although I read through it months ago there is so much they expand on you can’t remember it all. The writer of this book Josh Kaufman also keeps an up to date list of business books. Go to

Book #2: Way OF The Wolf

If you’ve seen Wolf of Wall Street, then you know Jordan Belfort. He’s most famously known for being one of the greatest salesmen of all time. He was a shark on Wall Street creating garbage into dollar signs. Now he writes books and teaches seminars about sales. He coined straight line selling and has cracked the code to selling anything. This book is a great asset to anyones bookshelf. You’ll learn how he sells of course, but also how to talk to people. It’s amazing how many people lack social skills that try to get into sales. He teaches the art of persuasion without sounding slimy or handing the prospect a red flag. Definitely pick up this NY Times bestseller.

Book #3: Extreme Ownership

This book might take a few people by surprise but if you’re going to become a boss, this book needs to be something that you invest in. It’s written by a navy seal Jocko Willink. This man has been through a lot and has seen even more. Every day he is up at 3 am to get a full workout in and posts pictures of the “aftermath”. This usually involves a mat covered in sweat. I am not saying that you need to do that to be a successful business owner or considered a hard worker. As you read this book you’ll see how your hard work doesn’t put you up on a pedestal. It helps sharpen you as a person, but ownership for you and your people’s actions are the most important parts of the job. We have a lot of victims in this world and people that blame others for their problems. If something doesn’t work in my business, I can assure you, it’s my fault not my employees.

Closing Thoughts & Bonus Book #4

They always have some crazy stats on how much CEOs read a year. I think of it like this. If I own a company that will hire employees, and deliver a product or service to the public, it is my ass on the line. If my company fails, all of the people that trusted me including my family will be out of money & a job. I need to educate myself of the risks of running a company, the wins and losses of the people before me, and how I can implement the successful teachings into my business. I do this by reading, watching Youtube videos, studying TikTok creators and communicating with my elders. My bonus book #4 is a personal favorite that everyone should read, it’s called In Order To Live by Yeonmi Park. It’s an amazing story of a young girl sneaking out of North Korea, she teaches you that life is amazing and you should be grateful for everything you have. This book is gruesome, so if you have it in you to brave like her, definitely give it a read. You won’t be able to put it down. That’s all of my book recommendations for now, happy reading. 🙂